If you are wondering if cracked tiles can be repaired the answer is Yes, it is possible to Repair them.
Tiles are long-lasting and rugged materials which do not generally need to be maintained very well. Even with little care, these can last for many years. But a wide range of factors can cause breaks or cracks on tiles, lead to the accumulation of grout and staining of the surface due to liquids. All these can combine to make the surface look worn out and dirty.

repair cracked tiles

However, even if you find that your precious tiles have got damaged and look like they need to be repaired, you should consider the following 5 things before opting for professional tile repair services or using a ceramic tile repair kit.

Consider the Nature of Damages

Before you commence work on repairing or refinishing a tile, you need to ensure that the damage is extensive. In case you find only a handful of tiles have been cracked, you only need to do a small amount of refinishing. However, in case the problem is of a more serious nature and includes extensive damages such as water damage to its foundation, you are looking at a major repair project. When the ground beneath the tiles get unstable, you might need to replace complete sections of outdoor and patio stone surfaces.

Consider the Expenses

Repair or replacement of tiles can be costly. As tiles get old with time, they can develop cracks easily, get chipped and break with many years of use. As a homeowner, it can be very expensive for you to replace an entire bathroom or kitchen. If you have rented the place, fixing the broken tiles is not an expense that you will like to bear.

Consider Easier Options

In case you do not have deep enough pockets for repair project expenses, but find ceramic tiles at home to be slightly chipped, you can start with Ceram fix. This is a new product which can easily be used to touch up chipped and cracked ceramic, natural stone and porcelain tiles. It can fill the chip in the surface of a tile just like a new paint can be used to fill a chip in the body paint of a car. You can get this product in varied colors.

Begin With Kits

After you have detected the problem zone as well as how extensive the damage is, you can start fixing the stone or tile surfaces with chipped tile repair kit or textured primer epoxy coatings which are comparatively lower in cost. You may use varied brushes in order to resemble particular surfaces, such as a standard nap roller, in order to achieve a bit textured and smooth finish, a stone roller which gives a finish like rough stone and a tile roller which allows a tile-like finish.

Consider the Professional Service

If you feel that the damage is of a more extensive nature, it is best to seek professional assistance. Check whether the agency is a reputed one and make sure that it is known for quality service. Tile repair is expensive and you need a highly professional agency that is reputed, capable, experienced and honest.


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