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It depends how bad your pet sheds hair, although we would always recommend a cut pile as a better choice. This will also prevent your pet from chewing the carpet too! The problem is Looped pile carpets can actually snag on pets’ nails, causing yarn to fray, tear and pull out.

A broadloom refers to the width of the loom. In most cases it will be 3.66 metres although it can be as low as 2.0 metres and as high as 4.0 metres.

You cannot repair small scratches, therefore we recommend the use of felt pads on all furniture.

Absolutely! A pad is necessary to protect your carpet and keeps the underside of your carpet from wearing against the subfloor.

To figure out whats best for you its good to have a clear understanding of the differences between them.

Engineered floor is actually made from multiple layers consisting of a thick top layer of solid hardwood, an inner core of high density material and a hardwood backing. As a result they are a lot more stronger and stable, for these reasons they are most suited in damp prone areas like the basement and bathroom,

Solid hardwood is cut from a single piece of wood and can be installed above or on grade, but is not recommended for below grade.

Your needs and application will determine what is best for your situation.

Yes, most modern homes do have laminate floors on the stairs. However we do not recommend laminate floor on steps in a house where an elderly person is living as slips and falls increase by a considerable amount due to the lack of grip.

There is many variables which affect the price of carpet such as; the type of carpet you would like, the style, the colour and how much you need. Please give us a quick call for more information.

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