Difference Between Porcelain and Ceramic TilesWhen choosing the right tiles for your home becomes confusing, why not try comparing porcelain tiles versus ceramic tiles now.

Different types of tiles are available in the market these days, and because of the very wide variety of choices, many people find it hard to choose the right kind of tiles for their homes. However, there are two most popular types of tiles that narrowed down the several selections, and these are the porcelain and ceramic tiles. But still, people tend to be confused between these two popular options because they are both composed in almost the same material components. For this reason, we are going to distinguish each type from the other.

There are those that claim that these two are the same thing. Both also undergo an extreme heating process. The only difference is that porcelain tiles are made from more refined and well-polished clay materials making it more expensive than any other regular ceramic tiles. Porcelain tiles are also denser, and because of this higher density, they are possibly to absorb less water or moisture that’s why they are more durable and are stain-resistant making them the most recommended tiles for bathroom purposes. Still, because of this low absorption ability, they do not crack that easily during cold weather circumstances. They can withstand a harsh environment that’s why they are very suitable for outdoor purposes.

Because they are made of finer clay materials are fired at a higher temperature, porcelain tiles are harder in texture making their physical feature jagged which makes them appropriate for more challenging purposes such as flooring functions. They are usually made from white clay.

porcelain tileThere are glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles. The unglazed types are the most popular choice because the colors go all the way through making the little scratches and dirt not visible at all.

These types of tiles are also harder to cut because of their hardness and density making them more difficult to customize to fit your house’s interior design.

Ceramic tiles, on the other hand, come in glazed and unglazed types. The unglazed ceramic tiles are more at risk of cracking and so are not advisable for flooring intentions requiring better care. The glazed ones are glass-like with dazzling designs making them more appropriate for wall purposes. They tend to be slippery in texture and so are very not suitable for bathroom use. They are best for mural use. They are prepared from brown, white or red clay.

On account to decorating your room, everybody’s very willing to spend much on it. How their homes look affects entirely their personality. That’s why it is essential for them to choose the right materials for their house constructions or renovations. Tiles play a very important role in the house’s beauty. They undoubtedly add class and sophistication to your home, so it is quite a crucial task to choose the ideal tiles to be used there. Choosing between ceramic and porcelain tiles can be confusing. But it’s all up to you to pick the best type that will match your interior decorations perfectly. You can choose the cheaper ceramic tiles or, the more expensive porcelain tiles. After all, it’s your house’s exquisiteness you will be paying for.

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