Best Place to put Vinyl Flooring in a HouseA lot of people are fascinated by the idea of having ceramic or various other kinds of tile flooring. However, tile Installation comes with massive labor investment. You’ll have to deal with the adhesive or grout mess, careful measuring and the pains of ensuring they line up correctly. It isn’t for the faint of heart. So what’s the alternative? Vinyl flooring. It can be installed at the snap of your fingers and there’s almost no clean up to bother about when you are. However, it’s important to know the best place in your home that vinyl flooring fits best to get the best use of it. Due to the characteristics of vinyl, we will see below, one of the best places in your home to install vinyl flooring in the bathroom.

Why Vinyl Flooring is an Excellence Choice for your Bathroom

Vinyl is Waterproof

This flooring is manufactured to be waterproof, not only resistant to water. Vinyl can literally be exposed to watery conditions for extended periods and obtain no damage at all. This makes it an excellent choice for areas in your home that are frequently exposed to wet conditions or dampness. Such as your bathroom. If dampness is a major concern in your bathroom, vinyl is the best flooring for it. It’s produced with plastic so water won’t penetrate it. This is why it’s so popular as flooring for areas with frequent or constant moisture. Spilled pet a liquid dishes, leaking toilets or dishwashers, overflowing tubs are certainly not a match for it. Linoleum and laminate flooring though they look water resistant are only resistant to a point. Water eventually causes damage and swelling. It can cause the material to peel away. This is why vinyl is such a great choice for water prone areas.
Vinyl Flooring bathroom

Vinyl is Warm

For chilly nights when you need to use your bathroom without flipflops, tiles will be quite uncomfortable as they tend to be very cold during the winter months. Hence, vinyl will be an excellent choice for bathrooms during winter months due to the warmth they provide.


Vinyl flooring is popular for its durability. Your bathroom will have a lot of traffic all year round so it needs a flooring that’s very durable. Luxury vinyl has an addition to a thick layer that’s very durable and even resistant to minor scrapes as well as scuffs. If your pets tend to run into your bathroom, this will be a great blessing. Not just will vinyl flooring resist their clawing, it will withstand inevitable defecation accidents by them.

Cheap Cost

When it comes to damp areas like basements and bathrooms in your home certain materials such as Porcelain is a favorite. It’s great for small bathrooms. But if you have a large bathroom to cover or more than one bathroom it gets very expensive quickly. Vinyl flooring on other hand is a lot cheaper and easier to install and doesn’t require you to purchase additional tools for cleanup. Vinyl flooring is certainly the best option, it’s attractive, effective, practical and budget friendly.

Vinyl Flooring is Safe with Heat

When you need to take a hot shower, your bathroom gets quite humid and with other kinds of flooring over time they begin to look unappealing due to heat. Vinyl, on the other hand, takes the dampness and heat quite well. This ensures it maintains it’s quality regardless.


If you’re not sure where the best place to install your vinyl flooring. If you have areas in your home that are exposed to wetness vinyl will fit perfectly for such areas. Asides from looking great and providing some beauty to your home, it’s a durable and water resistant material that you can utilize over time without complications. Vinyl is certainly the best choice for damp places in your home.

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